Managed Email Gateway

Managed Email Gateway: Protect Your Inbox with Evrytek


Evrytek's Managed Email Gateway service ensures robust email security for your business. Our advanced gateway solution filters incoming and outgoing emails, detects and blocks spam, viruses, and other malicious content, and provides comprehensive protection against email-based threats.


Key Features:


  1. Spam and Malware Protection: Our system filters incoming emails to block spam and identify potential malware threats.


  1. Advanced Threat Detection: Utilizing sophisticated algorithms, we detect and block phishing attempts, ransomware, and other email-based threats.


  1. Content Filtering: Control and manage email content by implementing policies for data loss prevention (DLP) and regulatory compliance.


  1. Email Encryption: Secure sensitive information with encryption to protect it from unauthorized access.


  1. Real-Time Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of email traffic to promptly identify and respond to any security incidents.


  1. Reporting and Analytics: Detailed reports and analytics on email traffic, security events, and threat trends.


Protect your inbox from cyber threats with Evrytek's Managed Email Gateway service. Contact us today to safeguard your business communications.

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